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Since time immemorial, word of mouth has been one of the most effective marketing strategies even before marketing itself was considered an actual practice. More than four centuries later, most marketing leaders still believe word of mouth to be the most effective form of promotion. The only difference now is that this practice starts with a marketing and outreach strategy. To enhance business exposure through recommendation, one needs to put together a detailed action plan. This plan is called a marketing outreach strategy, and it can be precisely done by professionals who will help identify the best platforms to promote business and successfully reach out to its target audience.

At Meseret Consulting, we help businesses build effective outreach using incentives and rewards to create enthusiasm among the target audiences. Our customer acquisition strategy delivers a better sales success rate than a mass marketing campaign, and currently, we are offering our services to many leading e-commerce and home improvement companies. We apply the latest direct marketing techniques to the brands that we represent. We begin with our clients’ brand story, crafting a narrative that will relate to their ideal customers. We create personalized direct marketing experiences that rise above other marketing agencies and the clutter.

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Our strategy

We cannot meet our desired goals without a talented team. Therefore we heavily invest in their professional growth. When you join Meseret Consulting, you will undergo many training processes that turn you into technology experts. Through our ongoing learning, we keep up with the trends and learn how to reach out to consumers. We proceed to expand our team to ensure customer satisfaction in the face of growing service demands.

At Meseret Consulting, we are also committed to building long term partnerships based on respect, trust and proven performance with our team, publishers, and clients. We aim to present the highest level of service, and we are observant of our clients’ needs. We value our clients’ brands and are committed to campaign compliance and brand quality assurance across all our ad campaigns.

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